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Handmade Earthenware Bowls in Black Matte

$ 68.00

We teamed up with local potter KJ and designed these unique, custom bowls.  Special details like unglazed raw edges, squared sides and a beautiful earthy black matte glaze. These bowls are made from an iron red earthenware clay.

Also see these bowls and these large baker/servers in similar design and glaze. 

*Sold in sets of 2

Bowls measure about 7'' wide at the rim and 2'' tall.

  • Great size for one person dinner bowl for "grain bowls" soup or large salad
  • Also the perfect size for an appetizer dip like guacamole.
  • They work great in the oven too!  Think peach cobbler, baked beans or mac n cheese for 2 servings. 

Each piece is hand thrown on the potters wheel.

All pieces are food, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, though hand washing is recommended!

Each piece is

  • handmade
  • unique
  • stackable
  • speckled black matte glaze
  • raw clay edge on rim and base
  • sold in sets of 2 
  • locally made with love