Huichol Hand Beaded Bracelets

Huichol Hand Beaded Bracelets

$ 48.00

While these bracelets to us might just seem like some colorful beads, to the Huichol Indians, they have a much deeper meaning and symbolism.  Wether you just enjoy the beauty of the piece or connect with the symbolism, you will be wearing art passed down for generations, and we think that's pretty cool. 

I included some interesting information on the Huichol Indians below.

With the inevitable encroachment of civilization and the often resulting loss of traditional ways, there has been a local and national effort in Mexico to preserve the Huichol Indians’ way of life. Supporting their artwork, one of their few livelihoods, is one way to ensure the Huichol people will prevail in a world where indigenous cultures are disappearing at an alarming rate.

The Huichol (pronounced WE-chol) live in small, virtually inaccessible villages (or ranchos) scattered high in the Sierra Madre Mountains northwest of Guadalajara in the states of Nayarit and in Jalisco. They are intimately in tune with nature and have an ancient belief system that has been passed down orally for thousands of years. It is rich in symbolism, examples of which you will see in their beautiful artwork. Deer and wolves speak to them, snakes bring rain, arrows carry prayers, and pumas are messengers from the Gods.

Color is very symbolic and important to the Huichol people as it is used to petition their gods or goddesses. They express this passionately in their artwork, jewelry and the colorful costumes that they wear. Blue signifies Rapa, the tree of rain, and red denotes the location of the birthplace of deer, the eagle, and peyote, which is a hallucinogenic cactus that the shamans use for religious ceremonies.