Wooden Salad Servers | Regular and Extra Long Sizes

Wooden Salad Servers

$ 35.00

Hand-carved in the same South Indian State of Karnataka as the  Bakers Dozen Wooden Spoons, the Beechwood Salad Servers come in two impressive sizes. The production helps to fund a school for girls that has provided an education for more than 25,000 and counting in a region that traditionally only educated boys, and the daughters of the artisans are all provided the opportunity to attend.

Long measure 21" long (!)

Small are 14" long 

These handcrafted wood servers are naturally antibacterial and safe for everyday use in the kitchen.  With simple care they will last a lifetime.

A timeless wedding gift! 


  • hand wash with mild soap, warm water and towel dry
  • Avoid the dishwasher, as the intense heat can dry out your spoons
  • once a month or so apply a little mineral oil using a soft cloth. Do not use cooking oils such as olive or vegetable oil
  • if your spoon starts to feel rough or feathery use a fine grit sandpaper to smooth 
  • you can also sand out any stains or burn marks