Siberian Elm Wood Bowl

Siberian Elm Bowl

$ 850.00

From the trunk of a very old Siberian Elm, local artist, Dan Chadwick, carved this magnificent and unusually large bowl. Always on the lookout for big pieces of wood to carve his wares, Dan first discovered the abnormally large tree when a house on the same property was being demolished, and the tree had to be taken down.  Growing next to a stream, the water loving elm, had a 4 foot diameter trunk. Using a hoist and a winch, Dan hauled it home and got it on his lathe. And for the next few months, he slowly turned it into a bowl.  It was gradual process, with a little cutting each day, then letting it dry, then more cutting and more drying.  At the end of several months he turned a 400 lb block of wood into a beautiful 5 lb bowl.

Measures about 9 inches deep and 21 inches diameter and holds approx 5 gallons.