Hand Thrown Ceramic Baking Dish

Serving Dish / Hand Thrown Ceramic

$ 25.00

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More beauties from Saltstone Ceramics...These are the perfect server/baker // the sides curve up just the right amount to hold your favorite dish...beautiful creamy white glaze on brown clay. 

Sold separately but we think they should stay together :) 

all 3 nest perfectly for easy storage.

large: 12" diameter x 2.5" deep

medium: 9.5" diameter x 2.25" deep

small: 8" diameter x 1.75" deep

"Started in 2015, Saltstone Ceramics is the home studio and creative enterprise of Sarah Steininger Leroux. Sarah has a bachelor’s of arts degree in ceramics and sculpture from Goshen College in Goshen, Indiana, and a masters of fine arts degree in organizational leadership from Seattle University in Seattle, Washington.  Sarah has a varied background in art and nonprofit work – working in two production ceramic studios, as an art center teacher, starting a small clothing design company,  collaborating on a small arts fundraising organization, and working as a manager and director at several Seattle-area nonprofits for over fifteen years."