Concrete Stool/Table

$ 485.00

We've partnered up with a local concrete design to offer these stools/side tables...

These versatile concrete tables have all kinds of uses in your home, from an end table, night stand or extra seating in the living room or your outdoor patio.  The concrete stool is mostly hollow in the middle allowing you to easily move it around the house.

Handmade in Spokane, Washington using Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. GFRC is specially designed to withstand heat and pressure so it won’t crack, break or stain. 
While Gray is the most popular color choice, they offer a wide variety of color options, this site can show you the color options

Measures: 16″ tall, top is 17" diameter and base is 15.75" weighs 50 lbs. It's hollow in the middle

Once you order your stool the shop will contact you about color choices...lead time is about 2-3 weeks but likely sooner. 
**Oh, and FREE SHIPPING! hurray!